You magically arrived on a planet-sized peach and have lost track of how long you've been trapped here.
Author thriggle
Status Complete

Peachworld was a short lived adventure based on Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach. It may not take place on the same timeline as the actual story, and bears little resemblance to it.

Plot Edit

The story starts with James on the peach, unaware of how long it has been since he arrived there. The peach is infested with Killer Worms. He begins to wander and spots the glow of a nectar mass in the distance. In an attempt to escape, James approaches the nectar mass; he is shot into the air onto a Moldy Cloud, upon which lives a Malovolent Cloud person. After an intelligent chat, the adventure ends. Thriggle provided several endings, each of which killed James or left him lonely and unable to escape.

Characters Edit

  • James

The main character. James is trying to get off this peach once and for all. But in the end, it's for naught, because he either dies or is marooned.

  • Malevolent Cloud Man

Although only seen for 2-3 panels, it is the second most important character. It is presumed to be male, although its gender is never discussed it the story. It either kills James, James kills it, or It is faded out of the story.

Tropes Edit

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