You are a male of the Pek species. You are going forth to find a suitable mate for you after having come upon maturity. Your leaf twitches in the light wind.
Author Pozeal
Status Active

Pek Man is an MSPAFA created by Pozeal in which you first play as a male pek who begins a search for a mate, but then it turns in a survival game on wich the main objective is to survive and reproduce.


The adventure sets the Pek species in a wild and dangerous enviroment, the main objective of the game is as stated before is to survive and reproduce, every time that the Pek that is currently being controlled dies, the game ends and a score is shown, then you restart as a different Pek, the game can be saved but it requires save points, wich can be obtained by eating different items and winning battles.


  • Protagonist

A male pek, characterized by the leaf atop his head wich he can use to fly by spinning it quickly, he managed to spawn two offsprings with his mate and was finally killed by a spider-like creature when he fell in the incovenient dungeon.

  • Mate

A male creature similar to the Protagonist, he has two appendage like ears coming from his head, he was eaten by a spider like creature.

  • Child

The Protagonist and his mate's child, he has a leaf and a single appendage like ear on his head, he was presumably consumed by the spider like creature who ate the rest of the family.

  • Second Child

The protagonist and his mate's second child, he has a single spiked leaf, he was presumably consumed by the spider like creature who ate the rest of the family.

  • Second Protagonist

Another male Pek, he has an antenna with a pom pom on it's end, he was a herbivore Pek, he drowned when he tried to swim.

  • Third Protagonist

The first controllable female Pek, she has 2 spikes on her head and so far has spawned two offsprings with 2 non-pek creatures, they're named Wiesh and Bobby Jordan.

Tropes UsedEdit

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