Well. Just another day in the grind. It's been a rough week, but hey, it's Friday, right?
Author A Madman
Status Active
Genre Office

Red Tie Massacre (Previously known as Hijinks at the Office), is an adventure by A Madman that starts out with a tired worker being asked if he can stay for the weekend. He responds by brutally crushing his boss's face on a cubicle wall.


This adventure is an exercise in (mostly) pointless violence. After the protagonist gets asked by his boss to come in over the weekend to due some work (an Office Space reference) he becomes mad and begins killing all of the coworkers in his vicinity. As he kills more people his rage meter decreases and he adds their tie to his collection. Both the meter and collection are game constructs and not visible or accessible to the main character. The only object of this adventure is to kill everyone you find and keep your rage from depleting. Rage can be raised by things such as thinking about bad aspects of your life, though this hasn't been attempted in the story yet. So far the protagonist has killed eight people including his boss in various brutal ways. He accomplishes this by using objects around him as improvised weapons. During and after his most recent kills the reader starts to find out that the protagonist's killing spree has set off others, and now other people are committing acts of violence in the office.


  • Nameless Protagonist

Has a generally disappointed view of his life, his only solace being that it's nearly the weekend. Finally snaps after his boss asks him to work the weekend and goes on a murderous rampage.