"You still can't believe you made it out of that. You merely escaped by the hair of your manly beard."
Author cyber95
Status Active

Super Typing Adventure 3000 is a text adventure by cyber95, detailing the exploits of a daring, dashing, and bold zeppelin pilot by the name of Jorel James Henry Sanchez, along with the colorful cast of characters he encounters along the way. It's either set in an alternate-reality present or an anachronistic past. The focus is on player interaction and, partially thanks to the text-based nature of the game, there's plenty of room for creative solutions to problems.


Thanks to a CD mix-up in the beginning, we start the adventure half-way through. Jorel James Henry Sanchez is trapped in a zeppelin after an incident in a cave. Following a brief period of exploration that mostly involves Jorel discovering that everything inside his zeppelin is broken, he emerges into a cave structure, where he encounters a fearsome beast, another zeppelin, and a ragged survivor of advancing age. The survivor, Red, teams up with Jorel. After an encounter with the beast and a daring escape that involves plenty of weird puzzle shit, Jorel asks Red how he got stuck in the cave, and Red is happy to indulge him . . .


Player CharactersEdit

  • Jorel James Henry Sanchez

A resourceful zeppelin pilot who has traveled around the world and gone on numerous adventures - the cave incident is only his most recent escapade. He has a manly beard and long brown hair. His preferred weapon is the chainsaw, and he starts the game with one - although it's out of fuel.

  • Red Flier

An aged zeppelin pilot who was the captain of the SS Airhart before it crashed. His beard is more elderly than manly, although he's still more than capable of holding his own in battle despite his age. He's a known scavenger and has been living in a cave for the last eight years of his life, trapped there by the Beast.


  • Sid Vishna

An engineer who enjoys using a repair hammer and performing Daring Stunts. He's pretty lazy, although after the crash he's taken to helping Red best he can. He carries a lot of climbing equipment around with him and is known for being scrawny in a fight.

  • Sergei Elya Bristol

Red's best friend and his trusted first-mate. Not much else is known about him, although there's no one else Red would rather have at his back in times of trouble.

  • Darla Carson

Red's childhood friend and close associate. She has some knowledge of science and is also damn good at using a rapier, oddly enough. Her dream is to see the world and Red's trying to help her live that dream to the fullest.


  • The Beast

Oh god. It's terrible. A nightmare with two pairs of razor sharp claws and a set of pearly whites that could tear a man's head clean off. This creature is like nothing Jorel James Henry Sanchez has fought before.

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