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You are a GENERIC TRAVELLER, moving from your homeland, which has been devastated by war.
Author toaster1
Status Active

You are Kyle Balderdash and you are escaping from your Homeland because it has been devastated by war. With you is a COMPANION UNIT that holds your inventory.


The only difference between the two universes- SQ universe and our universe- is that they can survive without supplementals for much longer, which is why a week's worth of soup is a month's worth for them. Also, it isn't lethal to look at the sun. And then there's the different nations.


Currently, Kyle has wandered through the desert and is at a cliff. He has spotted what appears to be a neutral trading town. Although his initial plan was to head to the LAND OF THE KIND, he had a little snafu and is currently heading towards the LAND OF ADVENTURE.


  • Kyle Balderdash

A GENERIC TRAVELER walking through THE DESERT. He's the main character.

  • Dave

Kyle's COMPANION UNIT which holds his PHYSICAL INVENTORY. Inside him is currently a ROCK and a MONTH'S WORTH of TOMATO SOUP.