Every persistently lucky person will tell you the secret to their success is simply being in the right place at the right time.
Author Baphomet
Status Active

TAKE A CHANCE (formerly "Chance", "YOU GUYS SHOULD READ IT OH MY GOD I AM SO F'N SWEET" and "I'm lucky to have you") follows the adventures of Marren where the suggestions take the form of his subconscious or his intuition. It takes place on a world called Veria, which is in orbit with a huge moon called Anagaia, which will soon cause an eclipse on Veria that will last for an entire year.


Marren recieves a message from his girlfriend Sionell asking for help with her father, the king, who has gone crazy. He kills time until nightfall getting a nail through the foot and helping out some traders whose steed got loose and nearly ran rampant round town.

Presently he is sneaking through the castle gardens, trying to reach Sionell's room without getting spotted.

Characters Edit

  • Marren

The main character. He used to work at the stables and is dating Sionell. He lives in the slums of Al Atma, The City of The Oasis. He used to have a job at the castle stables until he was fired when he was caught seeing Sionell. His weapon of choice is a simple but effective rock on a rope.

  • Sionell

One of the princesses of Al Atma.

  • Pol

Pol is one of Marren's friends, he speaks in blue text. He regularly helps Marren sneak into the castle to see Sionell.

  • Tamson

Tamson is one of Marren's friends, he speaks in green text. He bores his friends with exaggerated tales of his time as a guard.

  • Gero

A merchant from Basma, he speaks with light blue text. He has come to Al Atma with his wife Tirawen to look for someone who knows how to refuel ancient Lumi artifacts.

  • Tirawen

Gero's wife, she speaks with yellow text. She has a son called Hari. Marren met her after saving her when her slauguar broke free.

Tropes Edit

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