Tetris 1
You are a SQUARE YELLOW TETROMINO. You are slowly descending towards the bottom of a PIT.
Author SonicLover
Status Active

Tetris is a simplistic adventure by SonicLover. It is simply a game of Tetris in MSPAFA form.


You start out as a yellow square tetromino, descending to the bottom of a pit. Eventually it lands and stops moving, at which point a Z-Shaped green tetromino takes it's place. This continues, with a few block ending up making a tower, until a red S shaped tetromino shows up and moves all the way to the right. From this point, strategy changes to stop simply creating a never ending tower, and instead spread it out a bit. After a while of this, a blue J-Shaped tetromino shows up, and creates a full line, when suddenly the line completely disappears, harming and crippling those touching the line. At one point, a yellow tetromino shows up with a little naught in on of the squares. When this line is cleared, it is revealed to be a Gimmick Block, and causes a Cookie Tetromino to appear from the top. This immediately destroys a lot of blocks upon landing. The next tetromino to show up with a Gimmick Block is a Cyan line tetromino. It is quickly cleared and a Spectrum Shirt appears from the top, which causes the next three blocks to be cyan line tetrominoes.

After the Spectrum Shirt became in effect, the first yellow tetromino took up an interest in poetry, and started writing. After getting it published, he became a bestselling poet.

Tetromino and Block TypesEdit

  • Yellow Tetromino

The yellow tetromino is square in shape. The very first one has rather taken a liking to poetry, and is in fact a highly successful published poet now.

  • Green Tetromino

The green tetromino has a Z shape to it.

  • Purple Tetromino

The purple tetromino is T shaped.

  • Blue Tetromino

The blue tetrominoes are J shaped.

  • Red Tetromino

The red tetromino is a mirror of the green tetromino, and is therefore S shaped.

  • Cyan Tetromino

The cyan tetromino is a straight line.

  • Orange Tetromino

The orange tetromino is a mirror of the blue tetromino, and is therefore L shaped.

  • Gimmick Block

The Gimmick Blocks cause a strange item to show up in the top instead of a normal tetromino when cleared.

  • Giant Cookie

The first Gimmick Item to show up, it is so stale that it will demolish a large section of tetromino blocks wherever it lands.

  • Spectrum Shirt

Another Gimmick Item, this one will make the next three tetrominoes be identical, to the readers' choice.



You Are Now This Guy - Almost every single turn.

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