You are cacto fantástico del señor. The infamous flying scarecrow has stolen and replaced your hat with the wrong one!
Author AwakeLemon
Status Active

The Deadly Dance of the Scarecrow King follows the adventures of Vacuumtron in his attempts to retrieve his master’s superior hat, which has been stolen by the Flying Scarecrow. The adventure is unique in that the readers are also controlling the author in the concurrent Forum Adventure Adventure.


The adventure starts with Cacto Fantástico Del Señor as the main character but control is soon switched to Vacuumtron when it becomes apparent that Cacto is a pretty lame main character. Vacuumtron investigates his surroundings and retrieves his master’s inferior hat, but it’s not long before The Flying Scarecrow attacks. He mercilessly kills Cacto and Busty Sidekick before cold-heartedly severing Vacuumtron’s brush attachment. Vacuumtron vows to reclaim his master’s superior hat and to get revenge on the Flying Scarecrow by any means necessary. He starts his quest by entering the dungeon of the Red Herrings, in said dungeon, Vacuumtron is forced to solve some weird puzzle shit, fighting a giant plant monster, and playing a game of GRAND TACTICS in order to collect the 3 crimson fish, after solving all that, Vacuumtron descends to the boss's lair where the Hyperspeed frost serpent Bjergfnre waited for him, he's currently fighting him.


  • Vacuumtron - A harmless looking vacuum cleaner which transformed into Vacuumtron. As Vacuumtron he feels an intense level of loyalty to his former owner and takes on his quest to retrieve the superior hat from the Flying Scarecrow.
  • Cacto Fantástico Del Señor - Cacto Fantástico Del Señor was a hat smith and whose superior hat had been stolen by the Scarecrow King.
  • The Scarecrow King - The Scarecrow King is a force of pure unmitigated evil. He steals hats and replaces them with ones of lesser quality. He must be stopped.
  • Susie - A ferret Vacuumtron employs as his sidekick.

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