the bus is taking forever! you, TOD LAUNDRY, are starting to grow impatient.
Author beans
Status Completed
The Grand Bus Adventure was created by beans. It initially follows Tod Laundry as he waits for the bus to arrive, but soon develops into an action-packed, pudding-filled adventure into the heart of a dungeon.


While waiting for the bus, Tod Laundry inserts change into his PORTABLE VIDEO GAMING CONSOLE, setting it on fire. Also, the sticklyman from beans's avatar shovels a heaping of pudding onto Tod's head. He uses the pudding to put out the fire, cover the Bus Sign, and sculpt an Elvis hairdo. Unfortunately, the bus avoids him because its driver does not notice the now-obscured sign. Another bus crashes into a tree Tod had planted from his PORTABLE VIDEO GAMING CONSOLE, leaving Billiam fink its sole survivor. Billiam crafts a suit, tie, and moustache out of soot from the wreckage. Billiam removes Tod from a THING to which he had been attached, turning his Elvis-style hairdo into a FLATTOP. Tod and Billiam then walk around the Thing, using the bench from the Bus Stop to cross a ravine.

Tod falls into a pit through a phone booth, lights another PORTABLE VIDEO GAMING CONSOLE LAMP, and turns his hairdo into CORNROWS to boost his badassery. He, Billiam, and the newly-met Jennifer then explore the lair of the Skull Guardians, killing several along the way.


  • Tod Laundry
  • Billiam Fink
  • Thing
  • Jennifer Barley

Tropes UsedEdit

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