Your name is panda-eyes. And you're stuck.
Author Donelle
Status Completed

Plot Edit

The adventure follows Panda-Eyes who is stuck in a massive field surrounded by an impassible wall. As Panda-Eyes explores the field he notes that the wall is surprisingly dynamic, shifting and sometimes even vanishing when he is not looking.

Characters Edit

  • Panda-Eyes

Little is known about Panda-Eyes save that he has magical panda eyes and has presumably been in this Labyrinth Field for some time.

  • Letter Balls

Balls about the size of Panda-Eye's head that are each inscribed with a lower-case Greek letter. They come and go mysteriously, and each has its own behavior. For instance, a mu ball secreted caustic panda tears and a nu ball secreted blood. There is at least one ball corresponding to each Greek letter. The balls are animate, but not technically alive. At least one omega ball has been seen to be hollow, as it was broken open and "killed" by an unknown party.

  • Letter Guys

People that have lower-case Greek letters inscribed on their foreheads. They also come and go mysteriously. They seem to have some connection with their corresponding balls.

Tropes Used Edit

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