You find yourself engaged in a rather simplistic battle of skill and thought. You are commonly referred to as Team X. What do you do?
Author Yourself
Status Complete

This adventure starts off as a basic game of tic-tac-toe, and fallows the standard Team X takes a turn then Team O formula, Then takes a turn for the intersting when the Teams start thinking outside the lines.


We start off on a empty tic-tac-toe board X takes top center Team O then decides to screw the rules of the game and they surround the board with a giant O. This leads to the construction of two buildings, the O Factory Monument and the Parallel Lines. After that the X team sends Agent Q to blow up the O Factory Monument. In the meantime team O sends two of its members to turn the Parallel Lines into a Lollipop Factory.


  • Team X - The Team that started first. Hired Agent Q to blow up the O Factory. Built the Parallel lines.
  • Team O - The Team that started second. Built O Factory.
  • Agent Q - Hired by Team X to take out O Factory Monument.
  • President of Campbell's Spaghetti O's - Tried to sue O Factory Monument for copyright infingement.

Tropes UsedEdit

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