Ok. Now that was weird. You're in your room. You can see a Lamp, a Dresser, and a Window. You are holding NOTHING. It is 11:37 A.M.
Author Esrever
Status Completed

Time Flub is an adventure by Esrever. It follows the adventures of Terry Bourbon, a man stuck in a time loop (or a time flub).

Plot Edit

Terry Bourbon suddenly finds himself shunted back in time from 11:51 AM to 11:37 AM. This continues to happen and as he attempts to escape this time flub he discovers a strange green pillar. After several trips around this time flub and one attempted suicide Terry's friend, Raccoon Steve comes to the house. Raccoon Steve is an expert in time phenomena. He explains that time is more twisted than people would imagine and that time flubs, skips and even shifts happen all the time but human minds do not percieve them, because they do not perceive Hypertime. He further explains that some ancient Mayan statues called Time Straighteners have been found to cause certain people to percieve Hypertime, and thus experience time phenomena. Before he can fully explain Terry experiences a sudden time shift to the year 2010. Raccoon Steve informs him that they have set up a company in the meantime and that a prototype Hypertime suit has just been completed. Terry dons the suit and travels to Hypertime where the flow of time is laid bare. Raccoon Steve informs him that the suit is designed to go to the source code of time and straighten it out. Terry does this, but as he starts to fade he panics and tries to correct his mistake. The code becomes unreadable and time appears to break. Raccoon Steve explains that time has been corrupted and is now running from a secondary code which operates in terms of infinite dimensions. Terry will be shuffled randomly into one of the dimensions and just has to hope it's a safe one.

Characters Edit

  • Terry Bourbon

Terry is a normal man who when in the presence of a Time Straightener can percieve Hypertime and all the time phenomena that come with it. He trained as a nurse and was married to Cherie Anderson and Henrieta Fisher, though the latter is never seen.

  • Raccoon Steve

Raccoon Steve, formerly Regular Steve until a friend played a hypnotic prank on him, discovered Hypertime and the various time phenomena associated with it. In the future he has an unexplained eyepatch and a pair of scars.


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