Never leave home without it

In most adventures, the hero has to face unsavory characters of all sorts. He or she would be lost if not for the trusty weapon they keep on their person at all times. The heroes often have to make do with whatever they can find, resulting in improvised (and seemingly impractical) weapons.


Hank's trusty paddle, the trope namer, which he stole from Steve.

Tod Laundry takes the bus sign from the bus stop with him.

Crimson Hood carries a silver-edged axe.

All of Office Supplies Man's weapons, including a staple gun, a crossbow (made out of bullclips, rubberbands, and sharp pens for the bolts), and a large novelty-sized pencil carved into a "Pencilblade."

Bob's zap gun, although it is later destroyed.

Nopor Puss wields a giant key as a gun

Crystal Raver's signature weapon is a large Drill on a Rope, called the Drill-whip.

Luminus' weapon shifts from a Light Cube (used as a one-time-use bludgeoning weapon) to a Jackhammer (Ultimitely never used) to a Jack-Whip (A homage to Crystal Rave, consisting of a Jackhammer on a Rope.)

All members of the fencing club wield epeés.

Mike created a pair of 'Meatchucks' upon reader command. Simply put, the meatchucks are a makeshift nunchuck made of coat hangers, with various meat products on either side.