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The story starts with a figure named "Frederick Figgle" asking the player for his name, race, gender and class. The details are accepted as Crammberry Donvolo, a Caucasian male Accordion Mage. After this, Crammberry appears in what appears to be an empty field. He plays an accordion solo, which causes a nearby orphanage to ignite. Attempting to save what was left of the orphanage, Crammberry tries to play the "Dirge of Water". However, because of his emotional state, he succeeds in setting a nearby preschool on fire as well.


  • Frederick Figgle

A figure who appears to be "your guide for your wonderful adventure". Appears to work for some variety of organisation.

  • Crammberry Donvolo

A Caucasian male whose class is Accordion Mage. The main character.

Tropes UsedEdit

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