You are an INNOCENT LOLITA. You are living here in the middle of a RANDOM FOREST with your GODMOTHER. It is a Saturday morning. What will you do?
Author Draykon
Status Active

Plot Edit

Innocent Lolita (Inololi) is visited by a magical fairy who tells her she must go on a quest to obtain the seven orbs of wonderment in order to become a mystical warrior. At first she ignores this important quest but when her friend Elegant Gothic Lolita (Gothloli) pays a visit they decide to go on the quest anyway. With the aid of a Two Tailed Demon Cat (Rin) and Phantom Prentious Lolita (Ghostloli) they gather the Orbs of Wonderment and eventually end up stranded on another world.

Characters Edit

  • Innocent Lolita

Innocent Lolita lives an innocent carefree life in the middle of the woods with her abusive godmother. She has a sunny outlook on life and gets sad when Elegant Gothic Lolita is being too creepy.

  • Elegant Gothic Lolita

Elegant Gothic Lolita is actually half demon on her father's side. She is incredibly creepy but nevertheless cares for Innocent Lolita as she is the only one who has looked past her creepiness.

  • Two-Tailed Demon Cat

Two-Tailed Demon Cat likes to set fire to things.

  • Godmother

Innocent Lolita's Godmother is incredibly bad tempered. She reacts to almost any stimulus by throwing a frying pan at it.

  • Step Dad

Elegant Gothic Lolita's Step Dad is a doting and loving father. He works hard at his job at Reimu Burger, taking as much overtime as he can to provide for his stepdaughter. He's been a little worried about Elegant Gothic Lolita since her mother died.

  • Phantom Pretentious Lolita

In life she was one of the Pretentious Popular Girls. In death she revealed that she would much rather hang around with Innocent Lolita and Elegant Gothic Lolita. She hasn't really done anything since.

  • Nerdy Lolita

Nerdy Lolita lives in a mansion in the mountains with her as yet unseen mother. She wears glasses, is very shy, but has a private library with a large assortment of books and grimoires, thus fulfilling many aspects of her stereotype. Currently she seems to not be part of the informal group containing the other three protagonists (Innocent Lolita, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Phantom Pretentious Lolita).

Tropes Used Edit

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