You are TheBoyd. You've planned for a long time to make an adventure where you ask the MSPAFA community to give you ideas for stuff. You wanted to start this adventure after getting a tablet, and kill two pigs with one stone by using it for tablet practice.
Author TheBoyd
Status Complete
Genre Postmodern

Your First Tablet (...) is a forum adventure by TheBoyd which serves as practice with his newly purchased tablet. The part of the name in parentheses changes occasionally. First the adventure was known as Your First Tablet (awww) then Your First Tablet (grrr).


At first it was unclear what was going on in this adventure and TheBoyd just drew pictures of whatever was suggested. It then developed into a Forum Adventure Adventure situation with people inventing an adventure for Boyd to create. This was a direct parody of The Deadly Dance of the Scarecrow King involving a sentient dishwasher and an antagonistic sphinx. The Sphinx decided to antagonise Boyd himself and leapt from Boyd's computer. Boyd deftly leapt into the computer and hid in his copy of Final Fantasy VIII. Since then he has walked the halls of Balamb Garden with his GF Sirona just taking it easy.


  • TheBoyd - TheBoyd is his own main character.
  • The Sphinx - The antagonist from the adventure Boyd created. It apparently took a dislike to Boyd so strong it left the fictional world of his adventure to antagonise him.
  • Sirona - The Boyd's Guardian in Final Fantasy VIII. She is a goddess of healing, but looks withered like a banshee. She refers to Boyd as 'Fanatic'.


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