At least you still have your memori- ...
Author Wesley Foxx
Status Active

Yousugo refers to the five elements/aspects of the world in which the adventure is set: Water, Heat, Life, Stone, Power.

Plot Edit

The plot follows an initially unnamed character who wakes up with no memories, in an unfamiliar body; that of an anthropomorphic fox. Much of his time so far has been spent attempting to get his bearings and then journeying to a nearby town. During his journey night fell and as it became darker the as yet unnamed main character became more and more paranoid. This eventually subsided in the morning and he was able to continue his journey. Upon reaching the town he was told he should speak to someone called Acacius, and it is implied that people suddenly turning up in the middle of the forest is a common occurance.

Characters Edit

  • Vincent

The main character. Very little is known about him except that he was not an anthropomorphic fox until very recently. He owns a sword on which the symbols of Yousugo are engraved.


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